Looking through my chat history with Elysa I came to a few conclusions, being too lazy I will only list 10 of them:

  1. We can make a great study blog. Not so much to motivate people to study, but to post ‘sort of’ minimalistic set ups of out study area.
  2. Starbucks and Apple should definitely start paying us money for the PR they recieve from us. Or at least give us a loyalty discount?
  3. And yes, we Media/Communications/Journalism/etc. students also have to do a lot of reading. A LOT of it.
  4. Highlight only the important things? Better prepare a huge brush and some paint, because you will be underlying every word. No exceptions.
  5. The moment you realize your assignment deadline is just a couple of days away, is the moment you become aware of the fact that you just HAVE to watch one more episode of your favorite TV show (in our case: Prison Break; Supernatural; Pretty Little Liars etc.).
  6. There is no such thing as too many bookmarks when reading a book for one of your essays.
  7. Even if you have an essay as absurd as “Explain the Theistic Evolution looking at ‘monogamous’ penguins and the Maasai people while referring to Kanye Wests new album”, the reference list will be the most annoying and hard thing to do. You are asking why? Because even this time you forgot to write the page numbers, authors or books you got your references from.
  8. There is no such thing as too much coffee and ironically there is no such thing as too much sleep.
  9. Thank god that we were born in the age of Internet and 4G.
  10. Consistency is the key to success. If you are procrastinating, do it till the end. Achieve greatness. Strive for success.






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  1. I cant believe how many shots of your studying area you have made 😀


  2. We could indeed make a study blog, but considering our in most cases “lagging” motivation (I blame you, Prison Break!) it would probably be a bad idea (and yet a new addition to the ever-growing list of distractions we are faced with on a daily basis). Anyway, great post – keep up the good work (:


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