3 Must Visit Getaways For This Summer


Some nice ideas for your next summer trip.

3. The beautiful seaside resorts of Greece

A list of destinations would not be complete without including the beautiful resorts and islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Greece is definitely a cheaper destinations for most people, but promises an unforgettable time. If you choose Greece you should unquestionably consider some of the finest and more popular destinations such as Athens, Mykonos, Thessaloniki or Kavala, although those are not the only places that are worth visiting. The greek seaside cities are mostly very lively with a variety of small shops, cafes and restaurants that can be said to serve the best seafood out there. It is a destination that is both suitable for young people, who are seeking to have some fun and enjoy the nightlife and elderlies/adults, who want to relax on the beach and take a five minute dip in the sea every four to five hours. The greek people will always welcome you with a smile and invite you to their country as if you are no stranger, but a brother. Next to the spirit of the 21st century you will come across the past of the ancient civilizations that have lived across this country and have left a huge mark for us now. Monuments and temples (Acropolis, Ancient Delphi, Dion, The Temple of Poseidon etc.) are dating back centuries ago and therefore can transform a relaxing visit to  Greece into a real adventure.


2. Cannes, France

This is definitely a destination for those of you, who not only enjoy spending their summer holidays shopping and gossiping in cafes, but want to get a taste of the celebrity lifestyle (if you can afford it of course, because let us face it…it is an expensive experience). Cannes is a city that is part of the French Riviera and is famous for its luxury hotels, clubs and restaurants. It is one of those destinations that is associated with the rich and famous, most probably because during the spring/summer months the worldwide famous Cannes Film Festival (French: Festival de Cannes) sets place there. During this period you have the opportunity to come across some of the most popular on-screen faces while you walk around “Boulevard de la Croisette” on your way to the luxurious InterContinental Carlton Hotel. Or you are searching for the perfect black high heels with a red sole (Ah, those Christian Louboutin)  around the “Rue d’Antibes”.

This destination is all about glam, money spending and fame.


1. Saint-Tropez, France

Have you ever wanted to taste the life of the more fortunate and the well-known? Or you just wanted to relax next to your own pool and escape every care in the world? I can assure you that France will definitely provide you with this opportunity. One of the most fascinating cities in the French Riviera is Saint-Tropez. A former fishing village which after the 20th century and more accurate after World War II became a well-known seaside resort for both tourists and celebrities. The best time to go there is around May/June or September. Avoid August, because it is said to be a very crowded time and thus will not allow you to get the well deserved break you need. I would strongly recommend you to book a villa and stay as long as possible, because although Saint-Tropez is an alluring city, the region around it should not be missed as well. The house I personally stayed in was a huge one floor villa with a beautiful garden, its own swimming pool and a breathtaking view (as you can see from one of the pictures). Most villas come with an utilized kitchen  if you want to spare some money, but if you are rather lazy there is a number of restaurants serving the delicacies of the French cuisine (make sure to try the Fish Soup; in 11 out of 10 cases it is more than pleasing). Besides the restaurants, the city is filled with different shops that are a must for every woman and some of the more stylish men. Do not forget to buy strawberry ice-cream while you are strolling around the small streets of this beautiful city. During your stay make sure to get on a boat that will take you around the seaside and show you the mansions in the region. But if you rather want something more relaxing you can always rent a small yacht and cruise in the beautiful blue waters of the French Riviera or just enjoy a glass of champagne while tanning next to your swimming pool.







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