Who run the world? Girls.

 A short recap of yesterday’s day with a hint of feminism and a lot of appreciation for all great women out there:

Every year on the 8th of March we celebrate the International Women’s Day, originally known as the International Working Women’s Day. Although some countries (such an example is my home – Bulgaria) tend то celebrate Mothers Day today, I prefer the concept of dedicating this day to all women. Not only because there are many strong women out there, who have not been blessed with the opportunity to have children, but also because this day reminds us of all the powerful women, beautiful and strong girls, caring mothers or grandmothers and determined females that surround us. Therefore men should take a step back and remember that life with us, women, is difficult, but without us it would probably be unbearable. Females, on the other hand, should summon into their mind that being called the ‘weaker’ sex is just another paradox in our silly world. Over the course of history there have been various famous female rulers, activists, scientists, writers, politicians that have served women all over the world as role-models. Mother Teresa, Helen Cornaro (the 1st woman to receive a degree), Cleopatra, Marie Curie (the 1st woman to win a nobel prize), The Iron Lady Margret Thatcher (1st female PM of Britain), Joan of Arc (French heroine from the Hundred Years’ War), Queen Elisabeth I of England, Princess Diana, Rosa Parks (Key role in American civil rights movement), Indira Gandhi (1st female PM of India) or even some more recent examples such as Oprah Winfrey (1st African-American woman billionaire), Ellen Degeneres (Talk-Show Host, Comedian, Rights Activist), J.K.Rowling are just some of the names that have influenced the trail of history. They have stood as a positive example of female power and leadership. Showing us that it is not impossible to overcome the struggles of the unequal chances women are facing.

James Brown successfully puts this into words – ‘This (really) is a man’s world’. And yet everyday women keep on proving that they are powerful enough to not only survive in it, but to achieve great things. Even if higher institutions, rights, religion, patriarchal societies or the media are constantly suppressing females, women have competed with men for equal rights, opportunities and salaries. So therefore never ask a successful women how she manages to juggle a career, a family life and keep her hair looking so shiny, because the answer is: Being a woman is a superpower itself.

Guys, acknowledge your women on the 8th of March and continue doing so every day of the year. Women, you should also be grateful for the loving people that surround you. And men, one more thing: show your appreciation to the females that make your life a crazy, but beautiful ride. Bring them a rose or pluck daisies for them, just to remind them how valuable they are. Because let us face it: ‘This is a man’s world, but it would be nothing, nothing, without a woman or a girl’.




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  1. Truly enjoyed reading this! Great job, Adi 🙂


  2. C’est super et vrai!


  3. What excellent examples to which all women can aspire! Great post. ❤


  4. Oh yeah, I agree. Thanks for the follow. I like your blog already. Cheers.


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