Saint Petersburg: What is on the menu today?

This summer I had the incredible chance to visit and spend a month of my holidays in one of the most interesting, magnificent and fascinating cities in the world – Saint Petersburg. The city had a lot to offer and I was thankfully also even given the opportunity to travel a bit through the so-called “Leningradskaya Oblast”. Even if my busy 24/7 schedule made it possible for me to visit a lot of remarkable places, meet new people and learn a bit of Russian, I am certain that I just scratched the surface of what Saint Petersburg and the region around it have to offer. But for now I am going to stop blabbing and invite you to my journey through the former capital of the Russian Empire, starting off with one of the essentials: Wine and Dine or how Russians prefer it: Vodka and Dine.


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I feel obliged to start off this blog post with one of my favorite restaurants in the city. I spend my first night in Korushka and I was more than pleased. The menu of the restaurant provides a wide variety of selections, a lot of seafood that is well prepared, the service was excellent and the view – breathtaking. The restaurant looks at the famous Hermitage museum, Neva river and Palace Bridge (Dvortsoviy Most). If you want one advice – definitely order the ОВОЩНОЙ САЛАТ С МЯСОМ КРАБА И КРЕВЕТКАМИ ГРИЛЬ.

Dve palochki

This restaurant is the perfect place to visit after a long day in the city. The prices are quite reasonable; the menu offers everything that would suit the craziest vegan to the hungriest meat eater. The tea they offer is so good that I felt the need to share this piece of information with everyone in the restaurant. Literally.


It was an eventful night with the craziest and coolest four kiddos. It is a good place for big groups of friends that enjoy drinking beer.

Hotel Ambassador 

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I think the name says it all.

P.S. Do not forget to take a few selfies on the top of the hotel, because it has one of the most amazing views in town.

Russkaya rybalka

I feel like me and my father had a competition to find the best fish soup in St. Petersburg. Even if we occasionally get into disputes and our opinions often differ, this was something we both agreed on: This is one fish dish you cannot miss.

Le Cristal

This is definitely the place for those of you who enjoy smoking good shisha and eating gourmet food. My advice is that you choose one of the tables that have a view of the river and the luxurious yachts parked there.


If you are a sushi lover like me you are aware that making sushi is a form of art. Having carefully assessed the sushi in this restaurant, I can guarantee that it landed an honorable place in my top tree best sushi I have eaten.

Punk Brew

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Good music. Positive vibes. Best burgers in town.


It is the perfect place in town to watch the Olympic games or any other sports event that is currently held during your stay. You will definitely come across a great staff of positive young people and a delicious cuisine.

Eliseevskiy Store

When you arrive in this shop/café/restaurant make sure to carefully examine the interior as well as all the goods that are being offered. Here you can buy gifts for relatives, friends or that special someone, who enjoy chocolate and other kinds of sweets or fine liquor.

Park Giuseppe

Here you will eat one of the best Italian food in town. It is just next to the remarkable Church of the Savior on Blood. The interior of the restaurant is very unique and the food is to die for.

Au Pont Rouge Café

Sadly my sunny summer days were interrupted by a rainy and cloudy Monday. Who likes Mondays anyways, right? The shopping mall Au Pont Rouge was a great escape on this day.After a long tour around the shop I was in need of a well-deserved afternoon coffee break.


What is more authentic than eating seafood on a boat. Nothing.



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  1. I’ve always wanted to visit St Petersburg but hadn’t thought about the food aspect of the visit. Thanks for the tips!


  2. Amazing blogpost and pictures! Both thumbs up from any foodie!


  3. Wow! Your photos of this colorful delicious looking food makes me want to try it all!
    Thanks for following my blog, and I hope to post topics of interest!

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  4. Very impressive blogpost and photos. Thank you for the follow and nice to meet you.

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  5. Oh my. Yummy..
    Now I am hungry 😍😍😍

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  6. I had some great meals in St Petersburg and some really …. ummm, interesting ones! But I did love the city!


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