Sofia Street Fashion: Weekend vibes

Wednesday. The day in the middle of the working week. On Monday morning you stress over the start of a new week, while on Friday you are finally letting go of your responsibilities and concentrating on positive vibes. Yet Wednesdays are just confusing. You have finally accepted reality and your duty as an “adult”. And yet again you cannot stop daydreaming about the slowly approaching weekend excitement. Being the positive person I aspire to be I will go back to my last weekend and talk a little bit about street fashion in Bulgaria.




Even though Sofia is not a fashion capital like Paris it certainly has its charm when it comes to street style and designer shops (I will be writing about this more in one my next posts). Here I should confess that I am not a fan of the typical “Bulgarian style” that is currently trendy. I do like the color black and I have one too many black clothes. Yet again I am not a fan of brands such as Philipp Plein or Dsquared 2. They do have some original and unique pieces, but are sometimes a little “too futuristic” for my taste.



There are three very important rules when it comes to fashion:
1.Why blend in when you can stand out?

2.Often less is more.

3.Wear everything with confidence.


Even though we have a lot of similar interests and views, I and my chicas Elysa and Angelina either dress with matching outfits (without planing it) or choose extremely different styles. There is no in between. This weekend it was the latter one.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

The Boho Chic style includes flowery clothing, vintage pieces and ethnic-inspired accessories. This look goes hand in hand with natural-looking hair and the “no make up” makeup. Long big sleeves, lose shirts and a lot of accessories are a must. Bright colors and lace details will make your outfit stand out. For this look you can check out shops like: H&M, RUSH ( or even go through your mom’s old clothes.


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

For a more laid-back chic look you should focus on a great piece of clothing that will stand out in your outfit. You can make it less fancy with a cool jeans jacket, some fun accessories and a nice tote bag. Such a style goes perfectly with a very strong matte lipstick (Maybe try out Kylie Jenner’s LipKits?) and a moisturized, glowing skin. For the final touch add a pair of espadrilles and then you can hit the city in style. When shopping for such an outfit make sure to check out brands like Armani Jeans and then mellow down the outfit with some articles from Forever 21.


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

For a more casual chic outfit you should concentrate on classic pieces such as black pants or blazers and spice them up with something more daring such as colorful tops or sneakers. Great accessories for this type of outfit are a big leather bag and black sunglasses. Perfectly straight hair or hair put in a ponytail give the whole outfit a more professional look. For the make up focus on the eyes – mascara and a nice winged eyeliner can be a great finish to this outfit. To create this look make sure to check out shops like Massimo Dutti, Zara and Michael Kors.






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  1. Here is to lots of great fashion posts like this one and fun times exploring different styles! Keep up the great work, my favourite blogger ❤


  2. Wow the photography is so stunning! x


  3. I love fashion posts and look forward to more.

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