On Sundays we wear sweatpants

This week  has been particularly busy for me, because of University work, a few socials around town and more than one society events. Therefore I decided to spend my weekend mostly at home relaxing and gathering my energy and strenght again. Moreover I decided to write a blogpost about some fun ideas of how to spend a relaxing autumn weekend.


1.Finish your work early On Saturday morning it is a good idea to catch up with your studies. Take some time to go over the chores that you have to finish during the weekend. Perhaps make a to-do list with all the important tasks you have to manage. It is a good idea to use a planner. I got mine at WHSmith and I have to say that it really does help me stay on track with all my assignments. Additionally they offer a great variety of styles that would suit everybody.


2.Grocery shopping
I do not know about you, but on Sunday everything here in the UK either closes really early (5pm-ish) or is closed the entire day. Therefore it is a good idea to do your grocery shopping on Saturday morning. Firstly not a lot of people will be up after their Friday pre-drinks and party nightouts and secondly you can have a big lunch feast with your favourite meals.


3.Afternoon coffee break with a friend 
With the beginning of fall season we welcome again drinks like the popular Pumpkin Spice Latte and the delicious hot mochas. So what better way than to share this delightful treats with a close friend. On Saturday I like to treat myself. A good choice are the chocolate brownies offered at Soho or the extremely appetizing salad with hummus they offer.



4.Explore the city
No mather if it is a walk by yourself with your headphones on or  with somebody, it is always calming to explore the city that you live in – admire its architecture, find new secret paths or just take a few beautiful pictures of the sunset.


5.Dining out
On a relaxing Saturday evening you can spare the extra hassle and explore a different restaurant around town. It is a good idea to choose a cuisine that does not fit in your ordinary menu (my menu mostly consists of a lot of different salads, meat and burgers). Why not try a new Steakhouse? Lebanese food? Or go out for some mexican.






1.Sleep in and have breakfast in bed
There is nothing more beautiful than a lazy Sunday. Just having time to myself, enjoying my coffee in the morning without having to rush to lectures or meetings. Scroll social media and on a good day do some online shopping. Maybe take a look through my planner and check my tasks for the upcoming working week.


2.Read a good book or finish your assignmentsSundays are meant to be spent at home (most of the time). Work on your assignements or read that book that has been sitting on your nightstand for the past two weeks. Some of the books that I would recommend are: The Catcher in the Rye, anything Stephen King, Pride and Prejudice or just scroll through some fanfic websites to find something that suits you.



635928953722361545-1541430074_netWhat better way than to spend the rest of your Sunday cuddled up in bed with some hot chocolate and hours of Netflix. Either rewatching old TV shows (like Friends or How I Met Your Mother) or not wanting to go to bed while constantly repeating to myself “This will be the last episode” of Mr. Robot/Pretty Little Liars/South Park. At the end of the day let us all admit it: It is not Sunday until it is 10pm and you realise that you have spent your entire day doing nothing productive.


Love, Adriana :*


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  1. I loved all of your ideas, I loooove lazy sundays as well, lots of time in bed and then some netflix ❤ 🙂



  2. Hi Adriana, thanks for stopping by my blog and following 🙂
    I love that you take photos of the everyday life, it tells a story.
    See you around the blogosphere!


  3. This post makes me feel so warm and happy and motivated for a new season 🙂


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