FALL (2016) In Love With 5 Fashion Musthaves

1.Oversized Jumper/Dress

We all know Blair Waldorfs statement that “Fashion knows no comfort” and although this might be true to some extent, this rule does not apply for this trend. Oversized Jumpers are big, fluffy and comfy, but combined with the right accessories and some sexy boots they can create a mind-blowing look. I got my Jumper/Dress at Missguided, where they have a wide variety of styles and colors so make sure to check them out.


2.(Lace) Cami Top

Another current obsession of mine is the ‘cami’ top (preferably with some lace details). This piece can look good with anything in your wardrobe — fluffy cardigans, boyfriend jeans or a cool black blazer. For this trend make sure to check out shops like H&M or ASOS.



This trend started at the beginning of this year with people like Kim K and is continuing to become more and more popular. I personally own around 12 chockers and have to resist the urge to get more. Moreover, I was not really sure if I liked this trend or if it suited my style, but now I am certain that it is a musthave. Where to get them? Well basically everywhere: Boohoo, Stradivarius, ASOS, NA-KD etc…



Another predominately Kardashian trend. Probably not the comfiest piece of clothing, but it definitely looks glamorous and goes with everything. And best of all you do not have to worry about your body not staying in place. Plus, they come in a lot of different shapes and detailing — from caged to one shoulder to lace.


5.Crazy&Funky Coat

I am still in the search for one, but scrolling through Fashion Blogger Feeds on Instagram I noticed how fast this trend is emerging. Coats in beautiful baby pink or blue colors, fluffy coats from mixed materials and crazy patterns. A trend that makes your laid back casual outfit a little more daring and cool. I am still browsing through Zara, Massimo Dutti and AboutYou for the perfect coat for me. Wish me luck and be sure to follow me on Instagram (@adrianapanova) for more looks and hopefully a new cool coat soon.


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  1. Love all of them 🙂 ❤



  2. For a pink coat- try Select in St. Lewis…i have just bought one super cool 😆😆👌. It reminds me of Beyonce Crazy in Love or 50 Cent Candy shop with all that chicks almost naked but with fancy coats like this and massive earings.


  3. yep, I’ve seen a lot of chokers around lately.not my thing though:)


  4. beautiful outfits, they all fit your style very well 🙂


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