The Crowd Caffe Cardiff

Recently I noticed a very charming looking caffe on one of the busiest roads (25 Salisbury Road) near my University. The coffee lover that I am I decided to go there and ‘investigate’. My boyfriend and I went there to have an afternoon break from studying.  Here, I should mention that currently I am an #Ordoo Ambassador on the search of the best places to grad a bite or enjoy some cold or hot bevarage. For the people that are not familiar with this term, #Ordoo is a very cool app that recently launched in cities like London and Bath. Soon this ordering app will be available in Cardiff as well. So all hungry people and coffee lovers should prepare for the best of out of the best coffee shops and restaurants in Cardiff.


Now back to the story. I was very satisfied with my visit of The Crown Caffe. It is a very cosy and quite atmosphere. The woman behind the counter, who was also the owner of the place is this really friendly and cheerful person. She was really kind and you could see that she was running her business with pleasure and love.


The food was also very delicious and the prices were not nearly as high as I am used to them being in such caffes. So make sure to visit this place if you have some time before or after your lectures or just want to change your study atmosphere with something different than the well-known borring library.


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