Red details | Autumn-Winter 2016

This past few weeks have been very eventful. Currently I am very busy with University and with various projects I am involved in. Additionally, time is passing by really fast and I am starting to feel the Christmas mood. Yes, I know that it is still quite early for this type of enthusiasm and I still have loads of work before this beautiful time of the year, but I cannor help it: Cardiff is already decorated with Christmas lights and decorations, Winter Wonderland and the Ice Ring are ready to be visited and the red Starbucks cups are back. You will probably be able to notice the hint of Chrismas spirit in the red details on my outfit today.

For today I decided on a more dressy and girly look.I love the combination of Chelsea boots (mine are from Next) with a long coat. Additionally, this skirt is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe and it does stand in the rest of my pretty dark look today.

Look mom, I don’t always wear black…who are we kidding.

Get the skirt at:

The credits of the pictures go to my beautiful friend Caro Julius, with whom I spent a very lovely time today..  We went to a really cool place in town that offers great food and bevarages, so make sure to be expecting more about it soon. Btw she is also a blogger so make sure to check out her website:


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  1. So gorgeous! I love that skirt x


  2. love the skirt. and christmas 😉


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