How to survive Monday?

This semester I have Mondays off so I always joke around how Monday is not that bad. Well, wrong. There is a curse around this day. And we can all agree that adding one more day to the weekend will help us cope with Monday efortlessly. Unfortunately, this is neither possible, nor the case. But there definitely are some ways to improve your beginning of your week.


1.Start your daily early

I know, it is hard and I am the type of person that hates waking up early. But Mondays have a negative aura around them. If Murphy’s Law was national holiday…it would be every week…on Monday. So start your day early so you can be ahead of Monday and its chaos. Get up, look at your iPhones, planners, Word files and whatsoever and start working on the accomplishment of your tasks.


2.Drink coffee

Waterloo Tea House, Cardiff

What is better than hearing somebody tell you they love you? The sound the coffee machine makes on Monday morning when your coffee is ready. The day before Monday prepare like you are going to war. Coffee beans? Check. Mug? Check. Milk? Check. Whatsoever? Check.


3.Eat a healthy breakfast

Coffee Barker, Cardiff

You cannot conquer the world on an empty stomach.


4.Be motivated

Think about what you want to accomplish today and by the end of the week. Strive for greatness. Look at your plans and goals and think about how you can succeed in them. Like the famous philosopher of the 21st century Shia LeBeouf once said: “JUST DO IT”.


5.Be positive

Yeah, Monday sucks. And we can go around all day and talk about how much we dislike Monday and how great the weekend was. How much better it is to stay at home all day and avoid adulthood, but Monday will end in 24 hours and you will not be able to blame Tuesday. Because WTF who blames Tuesday, that is not even a thing. So keep your chin up, because the weekend is right around the corner.

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