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I was really surprised when I came back to the UK after my summer holiday. The weather was fantastic, it was not cold, nor rainy. Moreover, it was very sunny, which meant long walks through the center, perfect lighting for pictures and more productivity. Unfortunately, the last couple of days have been kind of depressing. It is raining all the time and the temperature suddenly dropped. So can you blame me for wanting to cuddle up in bed all day and read a good book or binge-watch TV shows? But let’s not be so negative. First of all I still have less than 3 weeks until my winter break, so there is nothing stopping me now. I got to stay motivated and finish my assignments before I can relax and enjoy my break. Secondly, it is the most beautiful time of the year. Everybody is going around the city with big bags filled with gifts, there are a ton of promotions and you can hear Christmas music echoing from every corner. I love Christmas and I am just counting the last days of November so I can finally start spreading my Christmas spirit and positivity, but until then lets remember some sunny days here in Cardiff with one of my favorite looks from last week:


My current obsession is: ruffles and I see this trend becoming more and more popular around social media. If you want tops, jumpers or cardigans that have ruffles make sure to check out the winter collection of Zara, ASOS or Storets, who are the kings and queens of ruffle-everything. Of course I am wearing a little black dress, something that never goes out of style. I got mine from Escada, but you can find this piece of clothing in every shop. You have probably noticed that I love scarves, this weekend I got a few big and fluffy ones that I cannot wait to show you. They are perfect for the winter, not only do they keep you warm, but look stylish as well.


As I mentioned before, the weather conditions here are not as great as I would like them to be, so boots are a must. And where would a basic chick like me be without her red Starbucks Christmas cup to contrast her black outfit? Hahaha




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  1. You always manage to make me jealous of your wonderful clothes! Keep up the great work (:


  2. Really love these two very stylish and chic outfits! Love the boots and I am a big fan of layering and black so these are ace

    Laura x


  3. Love your outfits…
    I see you love black … Me too!
    Thanks for the follow!


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