Last-minute Christmas Gift Ideas

To be honest this had to be a post about Christmas gift ideas, but I have been so busy lately and very tired because of the climate and time change that I decided to modify this idea a bit.

The time around Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year, or so they say. I enjoy getting together with my family, eating a lot of food and traveling, but the time before Christmas is quite a busy one. Especially for university students. A lot of deadlines, little time and unfortunately not a lot of money to buy all those amazing presents your family and friends deserve. So if you are still struggling what to get for your favorite people, you might find some cool ideas in this post.

Lush Cosmetics

I am in love with this brand. First of all, whenever you walk in one of their shops you are welcomed by the all those colorful bath bombs, amazing aromas in the air and all the colorful products the brand offers. Lush has a wide variety of products for face, body, hair and other spa treatment choices you can pick from. Most of them, if not all of them, are vegetarian and environment friendly. Some great choices are the facemasks or the lip and body scrubs. Lush Cosmetics can be a great gift for your girlfriend, sister, mother or other female friends.

Frame and Family Photo

For the people on a tight budget this can be a very creative and cool gift idea. You can buy a nice frame and put a family photograph in it. For a more fun effect you could always ‘photoshop’ your family and have a laugh too.


This can be a good and fast gift idea for both girls and guys. When buying clothes as a present make sure that you either know the size of the person or make sure that the person will later be able to exchange the product, because I have experienced awkward situations because of not making sure of these details.

Victoria’s Secret ANYTHING

A couple of months back they opened the first VS shop in Cardiff. Of course I was very excited, because I am a huge fan of the brand. I have bought everything from underwear to sportswear to perfumes and have loved every single product I have purchased from this brand. The VS lingerie is great quality, but if you do not want somebody to get the wrong idea you can always get one of their Christmas sets with cosmetic products or a cool VS make up bag.


Okay, let us be honest. A watch will not be one of the particularly cheap gifts. And of course a Rolex will be bought by just a few, but I have come to the realization that a lot of my guy friends are really into this sort of presents. I really like the models that Daniel Wellington or Paul Hewitt offer. They are quite good if you have a tighter budget, their models are minimalistic and look good with most styles. Additionally, the straps can easily be changed so it gives the feeling of diversity in your accessories.

Christmas Gift Sets

Talking about gift sets if you are uncertain what exactly to get for someone, this idea might be a lifesaver. Around Christmas there are a lot of shops that offer sets with some nice products that are festively packed and can be an excellent present for your loved ones, depending on what they like or are in to.

And for the sake of #Christmas spirit and all that giving and sharing stuff…I feel obliged to tell you all that cliché, but very true words. At the end of the day it is not about buying the biggest or the most expensive gift, but about making the people you care about happy. It is about showing them how much you appreciate them, how much they mean to you and enjoying the most magical time of the year with the people you love.

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