New year, new me?

With every new year most people I know, including me, start to fantasize about how unforgettable this year is going to be. We start to create lists in our mind of everything we want to accomplish. And although a lot of the things we plan will collapse within a month there is always the hope that this year might be different. And why shouldn’t it be? The only restriction you have is you. The only thing stopping you is you. If you want something and crave it very deeply you will fight and not stop when you come across a minor inconvenience along the way. So what if it sounds a little cliché? What if some will fail at their New Year’s resolutions? It does not mean that you should give up on yours. And it most definitely does not mean that you should not strive to be better every day.




This is probably one of the most mainstream goals. Some people manage to get into working out and start to do it on a daily basis, whereas others just cannot seem to find the strength to do so. What I have found out about myself is that I struggle to just get ready and go to the gym. I like working out and always feel good after it, but my main problem is to find the motivation to just get out of my warm bed and hit the gym. Yet, there are a few tricks to get past this difficulty.

Get a gym buddy (preferably somebody who is into working out and is highly motivated, additionally you can also choose somebody who you are not very close to, that way you will be less likely to ditch them).

Have a really cool playlist that makes you feel more determined.

Set a goal. Don’t just go working out, because somebody is forcing you to or you feel like you have to. Find out what you want to improve in your body and always think about it when you feel demotivated.

2.trEAT yourself

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Yes, that’s right. As a person, who finds joy in delicious food I could not mention it. Yes, the New Year is about improvements. And yes, you should work hard to achieve your goals, but you should not forget that you deserve to take care of yourself. Of course, it should not be only about food, it can be just taking a break from reality and enjoying a nice book or spending the day at home by yourself and experimenting with DIYs you have seen online.

3.Talking about hard work…


A couple of days ago I watched a speech about how the Millennials, myself included, are used to getting everything they want in the moment they ask for it. How we quit even after the most insignificant disruption. I do not know if it is the same for everybody, but I have had a lot of moments where I have struggled and thought that my dreams are too big and impossible. But the truth is that you should not quit what you love, because success requires a lot of work, but this does not mean it is not worth it.


4. Travel


Yes, traveling to exotic far-away places is often bound with huge expenses and time-management skills, but even going to a nearby city can be an unforgettable memory. While exploring one learns things that he could not in the classroom. You get to experience new cultures, you meet new and exciting people and get to eat food from different cuisines. And if this does not convince you to organize a small trip with friends, I do not know what will.


5.Detox negativity

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Negativity? I know that a lot of people have promised themselves that this year they will spend less time on their smartphones and in the online environment. And yes, this really does sound very idealistic, but I personally cannot do this. I am addicted to social media partly because of my university studies and party because of what I do semi-professionally. But if you want to experience the world without posting it on social media, then why not. Others are convinced that having a healthy diet will lead to a more positive life. Again, if this is the negativity that puts you down then remove it. It is the same with toxic people and relationships. If something does not make you happy, then leave it. Of course, such things take time, but if you work everyday towards removing negativity from your life, then one day you will be completely clean.


If I have to be honest with you 2016 was not the greatest year of my life and I missed out on a lot of opportunities and adventure, but rather than feeling sad and thinking about how things might have turned out differently, I am determined and excited. Determined, because I want to make 2017 a better year (this will not be so hard, because 2016 set the bar very low anyways haha). Excited, because every year holds new opportunities, adventures and chances headed my way.


Love, Adriana

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