Must-Haves for the Last Winter Days

The past week the weather here in Cardiff has been very unpredictable. Although I am used to always checking the temperature I somehow cannot find the perfect balance of clothing. I am either dressed with too much or wearing too little. What is more, a lot of my favorite boutiques and shops have already revealed their spring collections, but unfortunately it is still quite chilly, if not really cold. And as much as I wish to be wearing cute flowery dresses and espadrilles, I still have to rely on my winter essentials, which I decided to share with you in this post.


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There is a lot of controversy when it comes to UGGs. Some say that they are really cute and stylish, whereas others are convinced that they are very ugly. To be honest I am not a fan of all UGG models and have to agree that there are some models that don’t appeal to me. Yet I love the Classic Tall ones, the ones with a button on the side and of course the ones with bows on the back (these are my all time favorites). Personally, I think that it is very rare for people to combine UGGs with a dress or with a skirt and make it look good, but they definitely go together with pants, jeans and leggings. What is more, UGGs are very comfortable and you will never get cold feet with them. Trust me.

(Faux) Fur

From the countries I have visited I think this trend is most popular in Russia, where they sell coats, hats and scarves and anything made from fur. It is stylish and keeps you warm. And just by adding a simple (faux) fur vest to your outfit you can make it stand out more. Of course with every piece of clothing one should be careful not to over-do it or one might start to look like a lost bear in the city.



I used to dislike hats and only wear them when it was so cold that I could not handle it anymore. Yet, this winter I fell in love with the beanie trend. If you go around the city you will probably see that every other girl is wearing a beanie with a pom. But they are just so cute, keep you warm and act as a protective shield for your hairstyle against wind.

Over the Knee Boots

This can both keep you warm and make you look super sexy in the winter. I was struggling for a long time to find the perfect boots for me, because I feel awkward in most of them, as my foot is sort of long, whereas my legs are quite thin. Therefore I decided to get over the knee boots with a little heel, which not only gives one a few more inches, but also makes one’s leg appear longer. A win, win situation I would say. What is more, they can look good with jeans, dresses, skirts and even a hoodie for a more street style type of look.


Oversized Coats

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This has probably been one of the most visible trends this winter. I personally, love oversized coats, jackets and even sweaters. They are much more comfortable and feel amazing. Some people have taken this coat trend to another extreme and wear oversized and very long coats which in my humble opinion looks very cool. Yet, I prefer the more subtle version of it – shorter oversized coats. You can get stylish coats at Zara, Jack Wills and ASOS. Add a cool big and fluffy scarf to it and you are ready to go.


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  1. I will never EVER stop wearing Ugg boots, they save me so much when its so cold! Love this post xo


  2. Looove them all! ❤ I agree with Alice, Uggs are life savers!


  3. Over the knee boots and beanies are a definite must for me over winter! I’ve never seen the UGGs with bows on the back but they are so cute – might look into investing in some.


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