I love you like Kanye loves Kanye | Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s day to the ones that are in love today and every day of the year. To the Bulgarians who would rather celebrate the day dedicated to wine: Happy Trifon Zarezan…or how I like to call it: every other day. Have a wonderful day and spread the love…of course if you are not grumpy and having a bad day…in that case break stuff and remember that tomorrow all chocolate will be on discount, so better days are coming.

Nevertheless, have a wonderful day as we all love someone or someone surely loves us (duh).







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  1. Love the outfit! I actually really like the fact that its not a typical Valentine Day outfit which usually seem too overdone. This is so sporty, chic and cute! And I have been hunting for those heart dotted tights forever!



  2. Wonderful photography darling!
    I just followed you to not miss a thing!
    Have a great Wednesday darling!
    Love from https://tbymallano.com/


  3. Ahh I missed this cute Valentine’s outfit! So pretty! And I loved what you said about chocolate being on discount the next day – I never realized that, will be sure to keep that in mind next year haha. xxx Elena (www.elenazahir.com)


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