Hello, lovely people.

I am sorry that I have been away in the last two weeks, but I was occupied with university work. Because I have no exams this year all my assignments are due the first week of May so I have been working on them and spending a lot of time in the library or at home (Yes, it definitely is not the most fun way to spent your time, but it has a higher purpose).

Additionally, one of my closest friends came to visit me in Cardiff, which meant that my schedule turned out to be even busier. I really did have a great time reuniting with my lovely girl. I showed her the city, we ate a lot of delicious food in some of my favourite places in town and had the opportunity to catch up. Unfortunately, there were some setbacks. As Murphy’s Law suggests something always has to go wrong, and for her it was the weather. While she was here she witnessed the authentic UK weather – rainy, cold and windy. Yet, this did not stop us from having some fun, going out and enjoying our time together.

Now I am looking forward to April, because my boyfriend and I will be flying back home to Bulgaria. I am very excited to meet up with my friends because I haven’t seen them in ages. And of course my lovely family. Also I am hoping that it will be warmer and I will be able to take out my spring clothes out as I am sick of caring scarves, jackets, hats, umbrellas and a few layers of clothing. And of course I am looking forward to all the food that I will enjoy.

Saturday evening was also well spent because I had the lovely company of some really cool friends. And I beat them at UNO (don’t try to deny it, I have the scores in my notebook). Additionally, the weather really did surprise me as it was very sunny, the sky was blue and I could go out with just a top and a jacket.

Therefore, my boyfriend and I decided to use it in our advantage and take some photos. I am hoping that you will enjoy my latest look.




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  1. Love this look Adriana, the blush color looks stunning on you! XXx


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