Yes, yes, I know that my birthday was around 3 weeks ago, but it has been a very busy period. As you have probably seen if you follow me on Instagram, I moved to London to do my postgraduate. It has been my dream for a couple of years to move to the big city and live here, so I am very fortunate to have this chance. It has been a very overwhelming period as I was immediately sucked into the busy London lifestyle. However, I was very lucky to meet a lot of absolutely amazing people right away. I am slowly starting to feel at home in London and I love it.

As you probably know my birthday was on the 21st of September. I was really subtle with sharing it online (posted around 34890282903 stories, posts, statuses, pictures from it…oops). it was my 22nd birthday and after having one of the most challenging years in my life so far, I decided that it would be fun to create a blogpost, where I share a little about my experiences so far. So here it goes: 22 things I learned before turning 22.


1.Be yourself

Yes, I know it’s a super cliché thing to say, but we often neglect who we are in order to appeal to people. Faking it will last for a while, but sooner or later your real personality will come to shine. Nowadays…..For more check out the full post: click.

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