11725091_1122752974408015_204331972_oObviously my name is Adriana (as you have noticed from my very egocentrical domain). I am a 20 years old childult, that is in a constant battle between responsibilities and a strong desire for naps. My hobbies include taking photographs, travelling and writing (as well as procrasting, going to bed late and regretting it the next day and making stupid jokes). In my free time I enjoy reading books, exploring my surroundings or engaging with other like-minded human beings. I drink a lot of coffee, have an obession with avocado toast, laugh hysterically and can often be very hyperactive. I predict that this blog will contain everything from traveling and culture to beauty tricks and fashion to politics and deep thoughts…

Long story short: expect this blog to be a mixture of everything that interest, excites or impresses me.


For more you can follow my Instagram account: @adrianapanova or like my Facebook page Adriana In Wonderland.


So c’mon and follow me down the rabit hole.



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  1. Great blog and looking forward to more.
    Jut curious but are you living in Bulgaria?
    Thanks for following 🙂


  2. Hi Adriana,
    It’s nice to meet you. Thank you for following my blog and welcome to the fence jumpers. @sheilamgood at Cow Pasture Chronicles


  3. Adriana, Thank you for following my blog. We share common ground in what we like to blog about but you’ll also see many legislative concerns on my blog concerning both young people as well as the elderly. I also follow legislation. the draw down of the military and that type of information. I hope to see you around. I like your opening and look forward to seeing further blogs of yours.


  4. Enjoyed reading your little blog! Refreshingly simple.


  5. Love your About page — your honesty and zeal for living life to the fullest comes out loud and clear. Thanks for following Oh, the Places We See. We are sort of the opposite (We’re retired so we go to bed early and get up at the crack of dawn) but our awake hours are filled with living! Best wishes to you for always seeing the beauty in the world.


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